Parent Information


Thank you for choosing to invest in your child by becoming members of Cub Scout Pack 243. We are excited to
have your family join us for lots of fun and adventure. In this package you’re going to find useful information
that it’s going to help you go through the registration process.

You can start enjoying the pack activities while you work through your application. You have 30 days to complete
your applications, get your training and background checks required, and pay for the appropriate fees.

Payment can be done by check made to “Cub Scouts Pack 243”


  • Youth Application and Adult Application — Every youth must have an Adult Partner included on their Youth Application. Any adult leader, or adult who has more than an occasional contact with youth, or 32 or more hours of contact with youth (not including family events, like Pack meetings) is required to be registered by BSA. Please let us know if you need or would like an Adult Application.
  • Required training information — Every Registered Adult, Adult Partner must complete the Youth Protection Training (YPT) and background checks. This process will take you about a couple of hours each; however, the background checks could take up to two weeks in some instances, so please don’t delay!
  • Fees Information — this is what your registration fee will cover and what it does not include.
    • Currently we do not have Pack Fees and rely on fund raising, like popcorn, or parents to pay a small fee for each event.
    • National Fees are:
      • $75 for Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, Venturing and Sea Scouts participants ($3 increase)
      • $45 for Exploring participants (no change in cost)
      • $30 for council-paid memberships (no change in cost)
      • $45 for all adult volunteers (no change in cost, includes cost of background check) 
      • $100 for a unit charter/affiliation fee ($25 increase)
      • $25 one-time joining fee for new program participants in Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, Venturing and Sea Scouts (Not pro-rated, no change in cost) 
      • $15 for Scout Life magazine; this is the first price increase since 2005 ($3 increase)
  • Calendar of Events — Scouting is a year-round program with a small break in the summer. We understand you won’t be able to attend every event, but at least you can plan ahead.  Calendar is available on and
  • Family Talent Survey — Parental involvement and Volunteering is what’s going to make this pack successful. How can you Volunteer?
  • Contact information — you’re not alone, we’re all in this together! and there are plenty of resources to assist us as well
    • Please see our contact info page in the Pack Only Area
  • And so much more!


Since its beginning, the Cub Scout program has been a fun and educational experience concerned with values.
Besides providing a positive place where boys can enjoy safe, wholesome activities, Cub Scouting focuses on
building character, improving physical fitness, teaching practical skills, and developing a spirit of community


The Cub Scouting program has 10 purposes related to the overall mission of the Boy Scouts of America – to
build character, learn citizenship, and develop personal fitness:

  1. Character Development
  2. Spiritual Growth
  3. Good Citizenship
  4.  Sportsmanship and Fitness
  5.  Family Understanding
  6.  Respectful Relationships
  7.  Personal Achievement
  8.  Friendly Service
  9.  Fun and Adventure
  10.  Preparation for BSA Scouts

Every Cub Scouting activity should help fulfill one of these purposes. Not everything in Cub Scouting has to be
serious – far from it! Silly songs, energetic games, and yummy snacks all have their place in the program.


To accomplish its purposes and achieve the overall goals of building character, learning citizenship,

and developing personal fitness, Cub Scouting uses seven methods:

About Our Pack

By now you have met your Den Leader, some of the other parents, and the Cubmaster, but a pack also has some other very important people involved. Crucial to the success of a pack is its Pack Committee and its Chartered Partner who provides a liaison to the pack known as the Chartered Organization Representative.


BSA requires that, for any and all Scouting activities, including in-person and virtual events, all participants must compete Part A and Part B (both pages). ‘All participants’ includes parents, guardians, siblings, youth, staff, and unit leaders, including those participating in Pack 243. A copy of each participant’s medical insurance card is to be attached to their forms.

This includes parents, guardians, siblings, youth, staff, and unit leaders. A copy of each participant’s medical insurance card is to be attached to their forms.

Current Fillable Forms:

Please bring a completed Med Form to all Overnight Activities


This checklist is only required for in-person events, and is not required for virtual events. The intent of this checklist is for each youth and adult participant to review their current health status at home before departure to an in-person Pack 243meeting or other Scouting event. They do not have to fill it out and hand it in, just state, upon arrival at the meeting or event, that they have reviewed these questions with the participating youth or adult, and that the participant is medically fit, based on this checklist, to participate.

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